PTNU564 – Neurology/Neurosurgery Physical Therapy

Course lecturer :

Dr.Youssef Elbalawy

Course assistant :

T.A Asmaa Magdy

Course objectives :

After completing this course, students should be able to
– Identify different neurological disorders that commonly need Physical Therapy interventions.
– Recognize the principles of conducting evaluation, setting goals and design plan of care for different neurological illness.
– Select and use the appropriate age– related measures and tools commonly used in evaluation and treatment of patients with physical disabilities.
– Design an appropriate plan of treatment for solving the main physical problems of different neurology disorders
– Select and apply properly therapeutic modalities and pediatric physical therapy approaches for different neurological disorders.
– Communicate with effectively with patients and other health care professionals in the rehabilitation team.
– Use information technology and library as a mean of communication and source of information in the field of neurology.

Course description :

that presents content about the neuromuscular system. Information presented will assist in the development of diagnoses, prognoses, plans of care and intervention strategies. Cases and/or other information about the clinical aspects of these conditions will be presented

Course assessment :

Midterm 30 marks
Quiz 10 marks
Assignment 10 marks
Oral 50 marks
practical 50 marks
clinical Hospital 50 marks
Final Exam 100 marks

Recommended text books :

-Neurologic Interventions for Physical Therapy, 2e by Suzanne Tink Martin MACT PT and Mary Kessler MHS PT, 2006 / – Neurological Disabilities: Assessment and Treatment by Susan E. Bennett and James L. Karnes, 1998

Recommended refrences :

– Physical Rehabilitation (O\’Sullivan, Physical Rehabilitation) by Susan B. O\’Sullivan and Thomas J. Schmitz , 2006 -The Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy