PTIM 453 – Cardiac Rehabilitation

Course lecturer :

Dr. Hoda saad eldeen
Dr. Hamed Shalabiea

Course assistant :

Course objectives :

  • To understand the role of risk factors in the development of vascular disease
  • To understand the principles and practice of cardiac rehabilitation
  • Learn to screen patients who are referred for cardiac rehabilitation efficiently and effectively.
  • To gain knowledge and understanding regarding the risk stratification of patients referred for cardiac rehabilitation.
  • To develop knowledge and skills necessary to monitor patients throughout their Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.
  • Learn the appropriate risk stratification strategies for patients with or at risk for cardiovascular disease.
  • To gain knowledge and experience in 
appropriately treating patients with or at risk for cardiovascular disease.
  • Learn to safely and expertly apply non- pharmacologic therapies to patients in a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.
  • To learn what resources are available to manage patients with cardiovascular disease following discharge from a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.

Course description :

This course is focusing on making a programmed of exercise and information sessions that help you get back to everyday life as quickly as possible. It aims to help patient to understand patient condition, recover from patient surgery or heart attack, make changes to patient lifestyle that will help improve patient heart health, reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Course assessment :

  • Periodic quizzes (10 marks)
  • Assignment (10 marks)
  • Midterm exam (20 marks)
  • Final exams: Oral exam (30 marks)
  • Practical exam (30 marks)
  • Final exam (100 marks)
  • Total= 200 marks

Recommended text books :

Cardiac Rehabilitation 2012: Julian Bath, Gail Bohin. Christine Jones and Eve Scarle Cardiac Rehabilitation by William Kraus (Editor), Steven Keteyian (Editor) 2007th Edition

Recommended refrences :

Cardiac Rehabilitation Manual by Josef Niebauer 2011th Edition