PTBA 562 – Research Methodology

Course lecturer :

  • Nehal Mahmoud Ahmed

Course assistant :

  • N/A

Course objectives :

By the end of this course the student will be able to read and interpret professional literature and data formation of hypothesis

Course description :

This course enables the student to utilize research methodology by applying the principles of scientific method to read and interpret professional literature. Students apply the principles of clinical decision making in the delivery of patient care to include identification of the problem; collection and interpretation of date; formulation of hypothesis; acceptance or rejection of hypothesis; determination of clinical decision; deliberate action; and reevaluation of actions. The final outcome of this course is a formulation of a research protocol

Course assessment :

Term work: Midterm Exam:20 Activity Assignment and Quizzes: 10 Final Exams: written:70 Total: 100

Recommended text books :

• Supino PG, Borer JS, editors. Principles of research methodology: A guide for clinical investigators. Springer Science & Business Media; 2012 • Walliman N. Research methods: The basics. Routledge; 2017

Recommended refrences :

Amar-Singh HS, Bakar AA, Sararaks S. The medical research handbook: Planning a research project. HSS Amar-Sing, A. Abu Bakar, S. Sararaks. 2008