PTBA 334/BASIC 0232 – Electrotherapy II

Course lecturer :

Prof.Dr. ghada ebrahim elrefaye

Course assistant :

  • Dr. esraa magdy
  • Dr heba elberkaye

Course objectives :

Provides with knowledge about electrical modalities including: Low frequency, and medium frequency currents.

Course description :

differentiate between faradic current, high voltage pulsed, galvanic current, didynamic current, Tens, Russian current, interferential, iontophoresis, microcurrents and biofeedback.

Course assessment :

1- periodic quizzes (week 5-11)

2-midterm exam (week8)

3-Practical exam (week 15)

4-oral exam (week 15)

5-final written exam (week 16,17)

Recommended text books :

Textbook of Electrotherapy, 2E – Jagmohan Singh (2012) [PDF] [UnitedVRG]

Recommended refrences :

Textbook of Electrotherapy, 2E – Jagmohan Singh (2012) [PDF] [UnitedVRG]