PTNU 568 – Physical Therapy DD in Neuromuscular Disorders

Course lecturer :

Dr. Muhammad Al Bagoury

Course assistant :

  • Dr. Mohamed Ekbal
  • Dr. Jala Saif Alnasr

Course objectives :

The student receives the essential knowledge about the peripheral nervous system Acquisition of the ability to differentiate between the lower motor neuron diseases The ability to clinically assess the patient with neuromuscular disorders The ability to physically manage the patient with neuromuscular disorders

Course description :

This course is a systematic Physical Therapy diagnostic method of neuromuscular disorders used to identify the presence of an entity where multiple alternatives are possible. Differential diagnosis can be regarded as implementing aspects of the hypotheticodeductive method in the sense that the potential presence of candidate diseases or conditions can be viewed as hypotheses which are further processed as being true or false.

Course assessment :

  • Total Marks: 200
  • Final Exam: 100
  • Oral: 30
  • Practical: 30
  • Midterm Exam: 20
  • Term activities: 20

Recommended text books :

David Hilton-Jones and Martin R. Turner. (2014): Oxford Textbook of Neuromuscular Disorders, Oxford University Press, Print ISBN-13: 9780199698073, DOI: 10.1093/med/9780199698073.001.0001

Recommended refrences :

Brown WF, Bolton CF, Aminoff MJ (2002): Neuromuscular Function and disease: Basic, Clinical, and Electrodiagnostic Aspects, Philadelphia: WB Saunders