Faculty Of Physical Therapy Dean Welcome :

Dear students,I would like to welcome you to our faculty ; an academic structure that aspires to raise the students’ academic standards and develop their professional and practical skills. The faculty provides its students with an ideal academic setting both in and out the classroom.

Graduates of the faculty gain a high level of educational and professional proficiency while being undergraduates that could qualify them for distinguished job opportunities and enable them to meet the needs of the labour market. The faculty seeks to maintain constant contact with the decision makers in Egypt in order to develop the curricula and clinical researches in a way that entitles the faculty not only to provide its students with exceptional educational standards among other universities in Egypt and across the region but to go along with the international academic standards as well.

All the best for your future endeavours

Prof. Norhan Fanaky
Vice-President and faculty supervisor

 Faculty of Physical Therapy Mission

Achieving excellence in faculty activities through teaching, research and clinical practice, and maintaining high quality academic physical therapy programs to prepare physical therapists who have a strong foundation in the basic and clinical sciences, and who demonstrate excellence in patient/client management, critical thinking and professionalism.

Faculty of Physical Therapy Vision

To have the leadership in physical therapy field not only in Egypt but also in the Middle East, Europe, America and Canada

Why Study At The Faculty Of Physical Therapy?

  • Provides unparalleled Physical therapy education as a medical profession that focuses on using physical modalities as infrared, ultraviolet, ultrasound waves and others in treating patients and rehabilitating them to return back to their normal life.
  • Well equipped with all therapeutic modalities equipment.
  • Labs for anatomy, physiology, histology, electro therapy, therapeutic exercise, biochemistry.
  • The graduate is able to provide various physical therapy services and sports injuries.
  • Provides training in hospitals under the Faculty’s supervision.
  • A one year internship training to be able to obtain the practice license.

Career Opportunities

  • Rehabilitation centers in hospitals and clinics
  • Sports centers
  • Geriatric centers
  • Schools physically disabled centers for children
  • Sports clubs

Departments :

  • Basic Science – BASIC
  • Biomechanics-BIOME
  • Internal Medicine and Geriatrics-PTINT
  • Women Health-PTWHE
  • Neurology and Neurosurgery-PTNRS
  • Pediatrics and Its Surgery-PTPDS
  • Orthopedic Surgery – PTORS
  • Integumentary-PTITG

The External Clinics Include The Following Departments:

  • Clinic for orthopedics and surgery, post operational rehabilitation and sports injury.
  • Clinic for disabled children suffering delayed motor skills
  • Clinic for neurological disorders and its surgery
  • Clinic for electromyography and nerve conduction velocities
  • Clinic for women health.

Outpatient Clinics – Pharos University

The clinics receive the revealed cases in orthopedics, traumatology, neurology, neurosurgery, pediatrics, delayed motor development, diabetic feet and sports injuries under supervision of faculty members in addition to EMG unit. For more info Please Click here

  • Physical therapy is considered one of the crucial medical fields which depend on application of different therapeutic interventions and rehabilitation of patients to reach self-dependence and regain normal life activities without any side effects (difficulties).
  • Therapeutic programs are being applied in the faculty of the physical therapy under the supervision of the faculty stuff members.
  • Committed to offer developed and safe medical services in different domains of physical therapy to accomplish the needs and desires of the patients and children based on high therapeutic criteria.

Anatomy Museum

The museum contains 83 specimens from Somso Company (Germany) and 3B company (American). The specimen simplifies teaching of anatomy of Head and Neck, Brain, Upper Limb, Lower Limb, Abdomen and Thorax.
The specimens are categorized into different regions of the body.
Explanatory boards are located beside each specimen to encourage self-learning process for students. to know more about facilities Click here

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