PM 204 - Genetics and Immunology

  • Assistant prof. Dr Gihan Elbatouty
  • Dr. Ahmed Noby Amer
  • Dr. Yasmin shahin

Course lecturer :

  • N/A

Course assistant :

  • Identify the components of the innate and adaptive immune system Identify the types of antigens and antibodies and their main properties.
  • – Recognize the mechanisms of cell mediated immune response, hypersensitivity reactions and immunotherapy modalities
  • – Recall terms frequently used in genetics. Identify mutations and genetic disorders. Recognize the fundamentals of microbial genetics and gene transfer. .

Course objectives :

The course will provide the students with the basic fundamentals of the innate and adaptive immune system, including their cells and their functions and immune disorders, as well as the types of immunization. The course also includes structures and functions of genetic material and the different basics of classical and molecular genetics.

Course description :

Written and oral exams, classwork activities and assignments.

Course assessment :

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Recommended text books :

  1. Krebs JE, Lewin B, Goldstein ES, Kilpatrick ST, (2013), Lewin\’s Essential Genes. 3rd edition. Jones and Bartlett Learning.
  2. McLennan A, Turner P, Bates A, (2012), BIOS Instant Notes in Molecular Biology. 4th edition. Garland Science.

Recommended refrences :