PHR 574 – Nutrition

Assisstant Professor: Wessam Fahmy El-Hadidy

Dr. Nesrine Saied Ibrahim

Dr.Sherihan Salah Eldin

Course lecturer :

TA: Lobna Abd Elmoniem

Course assistant :

This course aimed to provide an integrated overview of the basic knowledge and concepts of nutrition, the assessment of nutritional needs, the basics of meal planning and design, the adverse effects of food and its possible interactions with drugs and medication and the relation between nutrition and health

Course objectives :

The course describes the basics of body composition, the energy balance, thermal effect of food, BMR and factors influencing it. – It summarizes the major ingredients of food (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals), their physiological roles and the consequences of excess and deficiency. -Also it emphasizes on the nutritional value of food, the most important dietary guidelines and food pyramids -In addition it explains the pharmacological interventions for obesity and diabetes mellitus

Course description :

Assessment form Grades % Mid-term Exam (8th wk) (40 Marks) 20 Course Work (Starting week 2) (40 Marks) 20 Interactive Learning: (20 Marks) 10 Final Written exam (Week 15) (100 Marks) 50

Course assessment :

Krause\’s Food and the Nutrition Care Process. L.Kathleen Mahan and others.13th edition, 2012

Recommended text books :