PHR 453 – Pathogenesis and Etiology of Infectious Diseases

  • Ghada Hani Ali Nassef
  • Marwa Atef Yakout

Course lecturer :

  • T.A. Ibrahim Abdelwahab
  • Ph. Nada Elmeniawy
  • Ph. Yasmin Ashraf

Course assistant :

  1. Recall the different symbiotic relationships
  2. Identify the steps and stages of infection and their different modes of transmission.
  3. Recall the basis and types of inflammation and cell injury.
  4. Interpret the pathogenesis of infectious diseases in the different body systems including their mode of transmission.
  5. Extract information from internet to accomplish required assignments by applying computer based learning.
  6. Practice team work through group discussions and problem solving.

Course objectives :

Recalls the host microbe relationships, identifies the inflammatory and infection processes, cell injury, as well as the pathogenesis and causes of the infectious diseases in the different body systems.

Course description :

Final Written Exam (50%) 100 marks [ week 16-18] Midterm Exam (20%) 40 marks [ week 8,9] Course work (30%) 60 marks ; DIVIDED INTO Tutorial Classwork activities 40 marks Active Learning 20 marks

Course assessment :

1- Trease G. E. and Evans W. C.\”Pharmacognosy\”; 16th ed., Saunders Bailliere. Tindall, London (2009).

2- Mohamed A. \”Pharmacognosy\”; 2nd ed., CBS publishers & distributors, New Delhi. Bangalore, India (2008).

Recommended text books :

a. Tortora GJ, Funke BR, Case CL. Microbiology, an Introduction. 10th ed. 2010.Pearson Education, Inc. b. Carroll KC, Janet Butel J, Morse S. Jawetz, Melnik and Adelberg’s Medical Microbiology 27th ed.,2014 Mc. Graw Hill Co. c. Levinson W., Review Of Medical Microbiology & Immunology. 13th ed.,

Recommended refrences :