PHR 327 – Medicinal Chemistry I

A. Prof. Dr. Rasha El Bayaa
Dr. Hala Fouad Prof.
Dr. Alaa El Tombary

Course lecturer :

Ph.Shaza Amr
Ph.Rawan Medhat
Ph.May Montasser

Course assistant :

To prepare the students for professional practice, by teaching them the sources, uses and important chemical, biochemical aspects of medicinal and pharmaceutical agents that treat or alleviate the organ disorders and regain proper function of different systems of the human body.

Course objectives :

I. Introduction to basic principles of medicinal Chemistry.
II. Anti-protozoal agents.
III. Anti-bacterial sulfonamides and Anti-mycobacterial agents.
IV. Local anti-infective agents and Diagnostic agents.
V. Urinary tract anti-infective agents.
VI. Antibiotics.
VII. Antiviral agents. VIII. Anti-neoplastic agents.
IX. Anti-fungal agents.

Course description :

Student Assessments Description Week
1. Practical Exam 1 Week 6
2. Mid-term Exam Week 8 &9
3. Practical Exam 2 Week 11
4. Practical Exam 3 Week 14
5. Final Written Exam Week 16
6. Oral Exam Week 16 Weighing of Assessments Assessment Form % Grades -Mid-term: 20% 80 marks -Practical: 20% 80 marks -Interactive learning: 10% 40 marks -Oral exam: 10% 40 marks -Final exam: 40% 160 marks

Course assessment :

1. R.F. Doerge: Wilson and Gisvold\’s Text Book of Organic Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Philadelphia, J.B., Lippincott Co.

2. D.A. Williams and T.L. Lenke: Foye\’s Principles of Medicinal Chemistry, Philadelphia, Lippincott Co, 5th Ed.2007.

Recommended text books :

1. British Pharmacopoeia 2009.
2. United States Pharmacopoeia 2012.

Recommended refrences :