PHR 314 – Biopharmaceutics

Dr. Wessam Magdi El-Refaie Dr. Heba Ali Hazzah

Course lecturer :

•T.A. Ibrahim Komel • T.A. Mona Ashraf • T.A. Nouran Attia • Ph. Lamiaa Ramadan

Course assistant :

After completing this course, students should be able to: a1. Describe the possible routes for drug administration: oral and non-oral routes and the anatomy and physiology of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT), mucosal membranes and skin. a2. Distinguish between the different mechanisms for drug absorption through the different routes of administration. a3. List the physiological, physicochemical, formulation factors affecting drug absorption from different routes of administration. a4. Recall the drug polymorphism and the role of formulation as a factor that affects drug bioavailability. a5. List the fields for application of nasal drug delivery; vaccines and nose-to-brain delivery. a6. Identify the most recent formulation approaches for improving drug bioavailability from the different routes of administration; available products and approaches under research. a7. Explore the advantages and disadvantages for the new drug delivery systems in the different routes for drug administration. a8. Identify the in vivo and in vitro methods for estimating or measuring the percutaneous absorption and the different parenteral routes of drug administration and their uses.

Course objectives :

The course deals with biopharmaceutical considerations in dosage form design and to understand the factors (physiological, physicochemical, formulation factors) affecting drug absorption from the different routes (oral-non oral).

Course description :

Course work (practical + interactive learning) 90 30% Midterm Exam 60 20% Final Exam 120 40% Oral Exam 30 10%

Course assessment :

Book Title : Biopharmaceutics& Pharmacokinetics ## Book Auther : Jayant S.Kulkarni& Others ## Exist In Library Book Title : Remington: The Science& Practice Of Pharmacy ## Book Auther : Loyd V. Allen& Others ## Exist In Library Book Title :Aulton\’s Pharmaceutics: The Design& Manufacture Of Medicines ## Book Auther : Michael E. Aulton& Kevin M.G. Taylor ## Exist In Library Book Title :Ansel\’s Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms& Drug Delivery Systems ## Book Auther : Loyd V.Allen& Others ## Exist In Library BBook Title :Applied Biopharmaceutics& Pharmacokinetics ## Book Auther : leon Shargel& Others ## Exist In Library

Recommended text books :

Khadka, Prakash, et al. \”Pharmaceutical particle technologies: An approach to improve drug solubility, dissolution and bioavailability.\” asian journal of pharmaceutical sciences 9.6 (2014): 304-316.

Recommended refrences :