PC 104 – Analytical Chemistry I

  • Prof. Dr. Rim Haggag
  • Prof. Dr. Rasha Shaalan
  • Dr. Sameh Younis

Course lecturer

  • Ph. Nourhan Elashkar
  • Ph. Dina Abdelmoneim
  • Ph. Mariem Omar

Course assistant

The analytical chemistry I course aims to provide the student with the basic principles of volumetric and gravimetric analysis, to introduce the fundamentals underpinning pharmaceutical analysis, analytical quality control and instrumental analysis and also to enhance scientific thinking and logical approach to problem solving.

Course objectives

The Analytical Chemistry I is concerned with the following topics: -The fundamentals of quantitative chemical analysis, pH calculations, volumetric methods of analysis, ionic equilibrium, volumetric calculations, strengths of acids and bases, indicators, buffer solutions , hydrolysis of salts and primary standard materials. -Derivation of titration curves of strong acids, strong bases, weak acids and weak bases. -Applications of neutralization titrations to elemental analysis by Kjeldahl method. -Determination of strong acids and bases ,weak acids and bases, ammonium salts, carbonates, hydrogen carbonates, phosphoric acid, nitrates, nitrites, amino acids and organic functional groups. -Precipitation titrations, complex-formation titration(EDTA) and gravimetry. -Nonaqueous titrations, reasons for its application, classification of solvents, autoprotolysis, titrants, primary standards, indicators and applications to the determination of organic bases, sulphonamides, barbiturates and alkaloidal salts.

Course description

Analytical Chemistry I is a 3 credit hour subject & correspond to 300 marks The marks are divided as follows:

1- Final exam … 150 marks

2- Mid-term exam … 30 marks

3- Practical work, interactive learning &assignments … 90 marks

4- Oral Exam … 30 marks

Course assessment

  • Book Title : Skoog& West\’s Fundamentals Of Analytical Chemistry ## Book Auther : Douglas A. Sokoog& Others
  • Book Title : Quantitative Chemical Analysis ## Book Auther : Daniel C.Harris

Recommended text books

United states Pharmacopeia & British Pharmacopeia

Recommended refrences