PC 102 – Organic chemistry I

Ass. Prof. Dr. Omaima Gaber and Ass. Prof. Dr. Ola Rizk

Course lecturer :

Course assistant :

The prime objective of this course is to provide student with basic knowledge in the field of organic chemistry. The course also aims to enlighten students with the physical and chemical characters of organic compounds their properties, reactions and methods of identification. The course also aims to help the student to acquire skills to give proper nomenclature for organic compounds with special reference to drugs. The course includes practical tuition helping the student to identify organic compounds of different nature.

Course objectives :

1. Saturated hydrocarbons (Alkanes). 2. Unsaturated hydrocarbons containing double bond (Alkenes). 3. Unsaturated hydrocarbons containing triple bond (Alkynes). 4. Alkyl halides. 5. Stereochemistry. 6. Alcohols and ethers

Course description :

Assessment Form Grades % c1. Mid-term exam 40 20% c2. Practical exam &Course Work 40 20% c3. Interactive learning 20 10% c4. Final written exam 100 50%

Course assessment :

b1. R. T. Morison and R. N. Boyd. Organic chemistry, sixth edition, 1998. b2. Fessenden and Fessenden, Organic chemistry, 6th Edition, 1998. b3. Vogel\’s practical organic chemistry, 5th Edition 1989. b4. I.L Finar, Organic chemistry, Vol. I, II sixth edition, Longmans 1985. b5. T.W. Graham Solomons, Fundementals of organic chemistry, fifth edition, John Wiley and Sons 1997.

Recommended text books :

c1. Fundamentals of organic chemistry, by T.W. Graham Solomons 10th edition, John Wiley and Sons, 2013.

Recommended refrences :