PC 101 – Physical and Inorganic Chemistry

  • Ass. Prof. Ossama Abdel Latif
  • Dr. Inas Masoud

Course lecturer :

  • N/A

Course assistant :

To build and strengthen the basic background in physical inorganic chemistry for further courses,

Course objectives :

enhance scientific thinking and problem solving, and provide the student with the background needed to understand the different methods of analysis of cations and anions.

Course description :

Assessment Form Grades % c1. Mid-term exam 60 20 c2. Practical exam &Course Work 50 17 c3. Interactive learning 40 13 c4. Final written exam 150 50

Course assessment :

1. Ebbing and Gammon, 2009, General chemistry, 9th Edition Houghton Mifflin Co. “Study Guide” 2. Raymond Chang 2007, General Chemistry: The Essential Concepts. 5th Edition, McGraw-Hill (ISBN13: 9780073311852) . 3. Satya Prakash, Tuli G. D, Basu S.K, and Madan R. D. Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Volume II. S. Chand. Nirja Publishers, 2013

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