PHTR 01 – Midsenior Summer Training

  • Dr. Ming Ming Wen
  • Dr. Noha Alaa
  • Dr. Shaimaa Khamis
  • Dr. Sally ElZahby
  • Dr. Noha Soliman
  • Dr. Heba Hazar
  • Dr. Ola Kamel
  • Dr. Amira Gaber
  • Dr. Bassant AbouTaleb Amani Ramadan,
  • PharmD Dalia Yahia,
  • PharmD Mona AbdelRafaa,
  • PharmD Ahmed Abouzeid, MSc

Course lecturer :

  1. Passant Mohamed
  2. Soha Mohamed Younus
  3. Marwa Mohmed AbdelHamid
  4. Mona Gamal Nasr
  5. Abeer Alaa
  6. Mohamed Rabie
  7. Ruwan Madhat
  8. Mai Montasser
  9. Hala Ibrahim
  10. Sarah El Sarow
  11. MennaTallah Mostafa AbdelGhany
  12. Rana Saeed
  13. Yara Samy Mabrouk
  14. Summar Adel
  15. Nada Magdy
  16. Zeyad Magdy
  17. Sarah Ahmed Ibrahim

Course assistant :

Summer training is aiming to provide students opportunities to practice and work in community pharmacies, hospital clinical pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. Summer training extends student’s learning beyond the classroom into the community and real life experience. Students will learn to transform the role of the pharmacist from a product-oriented to patient-centered practitioners and be able to face the challenge of complex drug therapy needs of patients. Summer training enhances students to become well-prepared and sustainable pharmacists as professional health care practitioners after graduation.

Course objectives :

Summer field training in Faculty of Pharmacy is required in two summers after the Junior and Mid-senior studies with a total of 360 hours (awarded 12 CR). Junior field training is the pre-requisite training for mid-senior field training in which juniors involve only the community pharmacy training, while mid-seniors expand the training fields to hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and medical representatives in addition to the community pharmacies. The final result is shown as NP (Non-grade pass) or NF (Non-grade fail). All students pass the required field training are given certificates by the Faculty. All training records are retrievable in the electronic database. Students obtain faculty of pharmacy summer training certificates after completion of all requirements of the training.

Course description :

Hospital Training: case discussion, hospital assignments, booklet exercises, case presentation and discussion Community Pharmacy: completion of booklet, phone call assignments and post-test Industrial pharmacy: completion of booklet, discussion and post-test

Course assessment :

Recommended text books :

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