Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing

Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing Accredited from the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Education The faculty comprises the following :- – A well equipped Industrial Pharmacy Lab (IPL) with the aim of introducing the undergraduate students to the state of-the art technologies applied to the development of various drug dosage forms. -The Drug Manufacturing Unit: in which the student is learning the small scale production of different dosage forms. – Quality Control Unit: in which the student evaluates the prepared dosage forms by carrying out the specific quality control testing.


A faculty dental clinic which comprises 7 fully integrated clinics, 2 VIP clinics for dental implants and surgical procedures, a fully equipped dental radiology room with state of the art portable, fixed and panoramic radiographs, Cone Beam CT Scan (CBCT). Pre-clinical phantom head dental labs. Clinics for postgraduate: – CADCAM machine for chairside fabrication of fixed Prosthodontics (Zirconia & E-Max), Endodontic microscope. GA operatory room for pediatric dentistry, oral and maxilla facial surgery which consist of: – Major operatory room, ICU (Intensive Care Unit), Recovery room, 2 patient rooms. A one year internship training to be able to obtain the practice license


KTH-PUA Dual-Certificates Engineering Programs Eight B.Sc. Engineering programs validated and undergone a quality assessment scrutiny by KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden concerning content, teaching methods and examination methods are currently delivered at PUA. These programs include: Architecture, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, & Construction Engineering and Management • Students joining the KTH-PUA programs shall get, when graduated, two certificates, one from PUA accredited by the Egyptian Supreme Council of University and the other from KTH recognizing the awarded PUA B.Sc. Degree in Engineering.

Legal Studies and International Relations

Faculty of Legal Studies and International Relations – The Faculty of Legal Studies is the first in the area of specialization among private universities in Egypt that awards a bachelor’s degree equivalent to a bachelor’s degree of public universities. – Theoretical study of the faculty is supported by vocational training. – The faculty includes periodically program visits to the real estate offices, tax offices, courts complex, department of forensic, department of counterfeiting and forgery, investment general authority and free zones…. etc.

Tourism and Hotel Management

Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management – The faculty comprises the following departments:- Department of Hotel Management , Department of Tourism – The faculty prepares its graduates for the labor market through special academic programs, advanced syllabus and community projects, in addition to a number of facilities and supporting simulators, such as: Educational restaurant, Educational kitchen, Travel agency, Front office, Hotel guest room, & Language labs.

Mass Communication

Faculty of Mass Communication Specialization begins in the second year. The faculty comprises three departments; each of which offers a bachelor degree • Journalism • Public Relations and Advertising • Radio & Television Studios include • Radio Studio • Radio Studio Control Room • TV Studio • Television Studio Control Room

 Physical Therapy

Faculty of Physical Therapy – Provides unparalleled Physical therapy education as a medical profession that focuses on using physical modalities as infrared, ultraviolet, ultrasound waves and others in treating patients and rehabilitating them to return back to their normal life. – Well equipped with all therapeutic modalities equipment. – Labs for anatomy, physiology, histology, electro therapy, therapeutic exercise, biochemistry. – The graduate is able to provide various physical therapy services and sports injuries. – Provides training in hospitals under the Faculty’s supervision. – A one year internship training to be able to obtain the practice license.

Arts and Design

Faculty of Arts and Design Departments accepting Literary & Scientific Division (Science/ Math) High school graduates or equivalent: Décor Department, Graphic Department, Media Arts Department, Painting Department, & Fashion Design Department. Capability Test: All applicants should take a technical and innovative capabilities test, held at the Faculty where the student’s success is a must for Faculty acceptance.