GLI 10 – Italian Second Languague

Course lecturer :

Nashwa El-Halawany

Course assistant :

Course objectives :

The course enables the students to demonstrate competence in communicating verbally and in writing for the purposes and the situations covered and express themselves in a simple way orally and in writing.

Course description :

The course provides an overview on the theory and basics of the communication process and its benefits. It also provides various types and methods of oral and written communication with different practical activities to help the students to overcome the barriers for achieving successful communication.

Course assessment :

The assessments are designed to develop student\’s ability, Midterm exam 8th week 20 Course work 11th week 20 Final exam 15th week 60

Recommended text books :

Nuovo progetto italiano. libro/CD 1.2 & ZAD Corso Interattivo / Livello avanzato& Le Conversazioni di Dante Alighieri \” secondo e terzo livelli. ZanIchelli.DIzionario composto . …….

Recommended refrences :

Nuovo progetto italiano. libro/CD1.2 & ZAD Corso Interattivo & In Italiano libro /\”CD1.2 \” Le Conversazioni di Dante Alighieri \” secondo e terzo livelli. Zanichelli.Dizionario compatto . …….