GLG 05 – German as second language

Course lecturer :

  • Dina Elaraby

Course assistant :

  • N/A

Course objectives :

The course enables the students to demonstrate competence in communicating verbally and in written form the purposes and the situations covered and express themselves in a simple way orally and in written

Course description :

It is based on 4 learning competences which are : speaking, writing, reading and listening. It follows the common European framework.

Course assessment :

Assessment methods: Assignments and written exams Mid term exam 20 Course work 20 Final written exam 60

Recommended text books :

Delfin Niveaustufe A1, Hartmut auf der Straße, Jura Müller, Thomas Storz, 2003 Max Hieber Verlag, Ismaning, Deutschland

Recommended refrences :

Und jetzt ihr, Hieber, Christine Späth/ Marion Sailer