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Faculty of languages and translation Dean Message:

The Faculty of Languages and Translation offers students a chance not only to learn, but also to mature and develop. The student is first offered a wide choice of foreign language departments: the long-established English or French departments or the newly opened Chinese, Spanish and Turkish departments.

In all departments, students are offered the chance to be proficient translators in a wide variety of fields while learning yet a second foreign language: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, or Chinese, alongside Arabic. Student activities further enforce cultural diversity and allow students to accept the Other. With a broad background in culture studies as well as vigorous training in language and translation skills, the faculty provides students with an excellent opportunity in the job market.


Prof. Leyla Kamel

Faculty of languages and translation Mission

  • The Faculty of Languages and Translation at Pharos University is an educational research institution that aspires to provide the community with qualified graduates who are proficient at the languages they studied. Graduates are able to apply the latest techniques in their field of specialization, and maintain an ongoing process of learning to develop their knowledge and skills. They can therefore keep pace with the needs of the job market and serve their community.

Faculty of languages and translation Vision

  • To extend bridges between Arab and foreign cultures through distinguished educational and research programs.


The Faculty includes the following departments:

English Language

-Translation Division
-Teaching Division

French Language
Chinese Language
Spanish Language
Turkish Language

Department Of Arabic Language:

Division Of Arabic Language For Non-Native Speakers
The first Egyptian university that grants certified “Bachelor Degree”, accredited by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities and the Ministry of Higher Education, in the field of teaching Arabic language for non-native speakers.
The Faculty of Languages and Translation – Pharos University in Alexandria – is the first college that has a department for studying Arabic language for non-native speakers, abiding by a curriculum that provides the scientific and cultural fields with a graduate that is excellent in three international languages and provides him with knowledge of different cultures, which increase his assets and provide him with refine linguistic knowledge, through a credit hours system.


  • BA in English Language and Translation.
  • BA in French Language and Translation (Graduation from French Speaking Language Schools is not a requirement).
  • BA in Chinese Language and Translation (Prior knowledge of the language is not a requirement).
  • BA in Spanish Language and Translation (Prior knowledge of the language is not a requirement).
  • BA in Turkish Language and Translation (Prior knowledge of the language is not a requirement).
  • BA in Arabic Language (non-native speakers division)


  • Translation subjects are a priority.
  •  All departments are offered three levels of English + a course in ESP (English for Special Purposes).
  • Two levels of Computer Skills are a requirement
  • One level of Communication Skills is a requirement
  • Three levels of Arabic are a requirement
  •  A Second Foreign Language is a requirement (Options: German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, French).

Why Study At The Faculty Of Languages And Translation?

  • It is the only academic institution that offers undergraduate conference interpreting modules in Alexandria.
  •  It comprises a fully equipped interpreting lab with audio visual facilities.
  • It promotes merit-based student exchange programs with international universities.
  •  It maintains a supportive environment offered by distinguished academics and professionals.
  •  Throughout his four years in Pharos, the student chooses a second language from one of the following languages to study: German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, French,Turkish in addition to Arabic language

Career Opportunities

  • Graduates are professionally distinctive in the fields of
    • Conference interpreting
    • Translation services
    • Language services sector
    • Tourism
    • Mass media
    • Education
    • Diplomacy

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