UEC 02E – Computer Skills and Programming Concepts II

Course lecturer :

Dr. Hatem Khater

Course assistant :

Eng. Alla Hussien Eng. Sahar Magdy Eng. Esraa Raafat Eng. Doha Talaat Eng. Samar Kandiel Eng. Yasmine Lotfy Eng. Nada El Rakaiby Eng. Salvya Elmassry

Course objectives :

The aim of this course is to teach newcomers the basics of programming using Python. The course aims at improving reasoning abilities in order to solve problems commonly encountered when writing programs and help develop the skills necessary to structure any program in a logical manner. The course is suitable for students who wish to learn to write computer programs and understand the methodology needed to manage programming tasks. It serves as an excellent introduction to the field of programming, giving students a taste of programming essentials.

Course description :

This course tends to introduce Year 1 students of Engineering faculty to the concepts and terminologies of Computer Programming using HLL (Basic or Python).The course gives an overview of software development life cycle and solving problems using flow charts. The course also introduces students how to use programming to solve the problem e.g. (Visual Basic.Net, Python)

Course assessment :

Solving assignment problems and Lab work [15 marks] Quizzes [15 marks] Mid Term Written Exam [20 marks] Final Written Exam [50 marks]

Recommended text books :

Kenneth C. Louden, \’\’Programming Languages: Principles and Practice\’\’, Edition #2, 2003, Course Technology.

Recommended refrences :

• Learn Python The Hard Way; Zed A. Shaw; 3rd Edition • http://learnpythonthehardway.com