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Faculty of Financial Dean Welcome :

Congratulations on choosing the Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences (FFAS) at Pharos University, Alexandria, for your study. FFAS is one of the few faculties that promise a prosperous career and help you occupy a bright position in the employment market as well as a distinguished stand in society.

At FFAS, we have prepared for you a set of specialized subjects that suits you and meets the job requirements in the areas of Accounting, Business Economics, Entrepreneurship, Investment and Finance, Management Information System, Marketing and International Business. These streams of specialization prepare and provide you with the right qualifications for working in the financial sector, such as banks, stock exchanges, insurance, and other financial and investment firms, as well as in the industrial and commercial sectors, in both national and multi-national companies.
The system of study at FFAS is based on approved credit hours which are delivered by means of lectures and tutorials. The practical side is also embedded in the course through inviting practitioner and senior directors from the financial and industrial sectors to give special lectures and seminars with a view to reflecting on their own experience and providing our students with practical guidance and advice. Training is also available and for the last two years we have had a number of students training in the surrounding banks and industrial companies. In the final year a project is also included in the course, which is meant to extend your knowledge in a particular topic of your choice within the study plan.
With well designed programs that meet the employment market requirements, fine selection of academic members of staff, most of whom graduated from Western universities with some having many years of teaching experience in Britain and elsewhere, first class teaching facilities, a variety of social and sports amenities, FFAS, and Pharos University, provides you with an exceptionally productive and pleasant learning environment and a chance to develop your own network of future prosperous and successful business mates.
I very much look forward to welcoming you at FFAS personally.


Prof Dr. Tarek Taha

Faculty of Financial Mission

The Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences – Pharos University is considered as a research educational institution that provides its students with excellent teaching and learning in the business fields which enables its graduates to continuously develop their knowledge, experience, and skills, with the aim of serving the community through the cooperation and integration among educational, research and community efforts.

Faculty of Financial Vision

The Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences – Pharos University as an educational and research enterprise aspires to reach high scientific position which works on continuous development in the various fields of business at the local, regional, and international levels.

Dual Degree Program

​The Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences at Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA) and Faculty of Business Administration at Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) in Ireland have established a Dual-Degree Program in Business and Management, validated by TU Dublin and delivered at PUA in collaboration with TU Dublin.

The Dual-Degree Program includes the following majors:

• Marketing
• Finance and Investment
• Accounting

About TU Dublin

• An ancient university established in 1887
• A member of the European Universities Association
• Degrees: Bachelor, MA and PhD.

Why study at the Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences?

• It offers two degrees. One from PUA, accredited by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Private Universities, and the other is an international accredited degree from TU Dublin.
• It provides a dual international degree which allows its graduates to compete in international labor market.
• It allows PUA students to spend a semester or more in Ireland during their BA study.
• It offers the students the chance to pursue their Master and PhD studies at TU Dublin in Ireland without a need for an equivalent certificate.

Admission Requirements

• Successful performance in a formal interview with a panel from TU Dublin.
• Paying the associated TU Dublin Royalty fees.

Career Opportunities

• Oil companies
• Banks
• Financial Institutions (stock market)
• Industrial Companies
• All types of Service Institutions
• Computer Software Companies
• Hotels and Tourism Offices
• Retail Companies
• Commercial and Logistics Companies
• Consultancy offices
• Private and small projects

Postgraduate studies

• Postgraduate Diploma in Retail Management
• Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing

Those postgraduate programs are distinguished by the following attributes:

• Students will receive a vocational certificate from the internationally accredited Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin), Ireland.
• The programs will be delivered by international academic guest lecturers, with the support of highly- qualified marketing and business studies staff members at PUA.
• Students will be acquired with a highly specialized knowledge that combined both theories and applications.

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