The Architectural Engineering Department (Faculty of Engineering – Pharos University), has recently established a postgraduate program which includes master’s and diploma degrees. The department received the approval on the Postgraduate Program on 15/12/2018. The program offers different degrees in the field of Architecture:

1- Postgrad Diploma :  The program aims to enhance the efficiency of the scholar inthe different architectural academic and practical fields through the study of different courses and the participation in applicable projects.


2- Master of Engineering in Architecture :  The program aims to develop the academic abilities of the scholars through studying advanced courses in Architecture using modern scientific techniques and methods along with an applied research.


3- Master of Science in Architecture : The program aims to enhance the skills of the scholars in research abilities and analytical thinking in order to be able to compose a thorough scientific research in a specific academic topic.


New Architectural programs

In the framework of developing the Architectural Department and coping with the local and international workfield, the Department proposed the addition of two new programs along with developing the existing Architectural Design program. The Department intends to establish new labs to introduce advanced softwares as GIS labs and Environmental Labs.


Urban Planning Program:

The program includes thorough studies in different fields; Environmental Policy and Housing Planning, Community and Economic Development, in addition to the study of Geomatics Engineering. These studies strengthen the ability of the graduates to solve urban and regional issues and giving them the opportunity to take the role of the urban planner and decision maker.


Building science and Technology:

The program studies all the aspects related to building technology and maintenance of buildings, including modern and local construction and finishing materials. The program is concerned with the study of Real Estate Development, Construction Systems and Project Management. This program qualifies the graduate to perform efficiently in the field of execution and site management, real estate and development of real estate resources.


Architectural Design Program:

The Architectural Engineering Department is developing the Architectural Design program and that is through adding courses in the sustainability and conservation of energy using software programs. This approach prepares the students for the profession of architecture including academic research, design and architectural education.