• New building for post graduate studies

    The building is equipped with technologically advanced different devices so as to keep pace with the scientifically advanced international standards in all dentistry fields.
    This building contains the following:

    • The CAD/CAM device (sirona, cerec) which allows the dentist to fabricate & finalize fixed prosthesis in a single visit, among other restorations made of porcelain and zirconium.
    • A dental microscope (Evolution XR6, Seiler), which enables the dentist to do complex treatments in the field of endodontics and periodontal surgeries.
    • The Cone Beam device that provides the best visualization and the most precise pictures of the jaws.
    • An operating room with the complete devices needed for operations under general anesthesia including rooms of intensive care & stay in rooms.
    • The latest dental units, optimizing dentist performance and ergonomics.
    • The latest devices of sterilization that ensure patient & doctor safety, among specialized staff and nurses to facilitate and ensure the best professional performance.

The clinic is contributing to the local community and open its doors from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm daily
NO. of patients in 2017  is 490 patient




  • Multipurpose labs




  • The main auditorium and conference hall Equipped :




    • The multi-purpose small study rooms




  • The pre-clinical phantom head dental labs



A faculty dental clinic which comprises 7 fully integrated clinics, 2 VIP clinics for dental implants and surgical procedures, a fully equipped dental lab for removable and fixed prosthesis, a fully equipped dental radiology room with state of the art portable, fixed and panoramic radiographs. The clinics also have a special sterilization rooms, spacious waiting areas and a convenient reservation system.



  • The main dental clinics

The main dental clinic serves the students in their treatment modalities to patients.




  • The outpatient dental clinic at Pharos University, Faculty of Dentistry




  • VIP clinic



  • The central dental laboratory

A central dental laboratory for dentures, porcelain crowns and bridges



  • The Dental warehouse

A dental warehouse for educational material