The reality of life is witnessing a rapid development, making people rely on more accurate and faster alternatives. This alternative is the computer, robots, and smart applications. This led to tremendous development in the computer and artificial intelligence sector, and the world put this sector as a basis for supporting development in societies, and the computer and artificial intelligence sector became a national economic necessity.

Pharos University was keen to have among its interests the establishment of the faculty of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence to prepare specialized graduates with high ability and efficiency in computer science, data science, artificial intelligence applications and cybersecurity.

The university is also keen to include distinguished faculty members and the supporting staff who have distinguished experience in all fields of computer science for the college to rise and reach the ranks of colleges in Egypt and the world.

The college the administration strives to make the faculty of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence is a house of expertise for government institutions, public and private companies, and to have a tangible impact on community service and environmental development.

My faculty members and their assistants,

My sons and daughters students,

The road ahead is full of challenges, and you must perform your duty with determination, honesty, and confidence in your future with the conscious minds, values ​​and lofty principles you possess. Science and culture as a curriculum for them. Be serious, optimistic, and open in order to overcome the difficulties and obstacles that confront you with patience, perseverance, and effort to build a better tomorrow and a happier future.

Walk on the blessing of God and be the best soldiers for the advancement of our beloved homeland, dear Egypt.

May God help you …


Dean of the faculty of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Dr. Gamal Mohamed Behery Issa


The Faculty of Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence includes the following departments each with its specific specialization:

  • Why Study Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence at PUA?
  • Developing competencies in the field of computer science and artificial intelligence, specifically in the field of data mining and information retrieval using developed methods. Moreover, the application of modern technological methods and smart apps in the field of proper management and decision-making as it is considered one of the most important topics that have been at the forefront of scientific research recently.
  • The faculty of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence qualifies graduates to work in large companies that depend on modern and digital technology.
  • Providing scientific knowledge and gaining professional experience in many fields such as physics, robotics and mathematics.
  • Graduates are awarded a bachelor degree that helps open up new scientific horizons.

Career Opportunities:

The Faculty of Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence– Pharos University provides the community with outstanding education and professional skills with high blending computer sciences and Artificial Intelligence with its different wide areas of study throughout the 3 offered departments: Computer Science, Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

The study in the faculty allows the design and development in the following areas:

  • Computer programs.
  • Web applications.
  • Mobile applications.
  • Computer games.
  • Database development, design and analysis.
  • Network administration.
  • Information and network security.

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