Dean Welcome

Dean Welcome

It’s my pleasure at the beginning of this school year to welcome our new students who have been enrolled at the Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Pharos, as well as our regular students who are studying in this faculty and I wish everyone a successful year full of achievements.

I would like to express that the Faculty of Arts and Design is glad to have you Freshmen Students joining us, and we will put all our possibilities and make every effort to help you achieve your target and expectations. I am sure that your excellent professors will give you the best scientific courses, guide, experiences and advice.  Faculty of Arts and Design programs have been designed to encourage her students to research, imagine and innovate, while ensuring students’ ability to offer and present their technical work in a professional outstanding work through the world of art and design, representing their experiences gained from theories and technical skills.

As I also encourage my regular students to continue on the path initiated, and make every possible effort to achieve greater success and achievement.

With my sincere wishes to you all the best of luck and success.


Prof. Hana A. Yassen
Dean of Faculty of Arts and Design