The unit introduces 3 courses every year:

  • Fall course (start on the first week of October to the end of December by accomplishing 72 studying hours.
  • Spring course (start in the first week of February to the end of May by accomplishing 72 studying hours.
  • Summer course (start in the third week of July to the mid of September by accomplishing 72 studying hours)
  • Courses announcements and registration

The International Relations Administration announces opining the registration for course of Confucius unit in Pharos University.


  • The requirements and advantages of the course:

    • Education level: the course is available for all the education levels from level one to the advanced levels
    • The available levels: 6 levels (accomplishing 72 studying hours for every level)
    • The level fees: 450 EGP for every level including the books
    • The lectures: Chinese lecture have an experience in teaching chines language and holding master degree.
    • Scholarship: Confucius institute provides their students with a great number of scholarship for studying the chines language in china which including the accommodation, studying fees, and 1500 Yuan per month for every student.