Name Faculty
Ghada Mohamed Abdel Fattah Tourism and Hotel Management
Noha Elserty Physical Therapy
Sylvia Alfred Languages and Translation
Nahla Ahmed Hamdi Arts And Design
Tamer Mohammed Salah Eldeen Mass Communication
Sherif Saeed Ahmed Dentistry
Ahmed Samir ahmed Legal Studies and International Relations
Inas mohamed Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing
Saeid elkatlawy Allied Medical Sciences
Said ghallab Financial and Administrative Sciences
Alaa khalil Engineering
Name Faculty
Lamia moustafa Tourism and Hotel Management
Eman Wajdi Physical Therapy
Riham taha Arts And Design
Engy mahmoud Mass Communication
Nevien mahmoud Dentistry
Walid fahmy Legal Studies and International Relations
Heba ali Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing
Wessam elrefaie Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing
Amera roshedy Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing
Bothaina Abdel allah Allied Medical Sciences
Mohamed salah eldeen Allied Medical Sciences
Moustafa ahmed shalash Financial and Administrative Sciences
Mohamed abdel karim Engineering
Riham ali Engineering
Eman ramzy Arts And Design
Maged jaheen Arts And Design