Collaboration with Governmental Organizations and Private SectorCollaboration with Governmental Organizations and Private Sector

Volunteering for blood Donation activities

In  line with SDG3: good health, in December 2017, the  students and staff Faculty of  the Faculty of Physical Therapy, and the faculty of allied Medicine have participated in the national campaign for  blood donation.

Environmental activities:

In  line with SDGs 3 and 5 : climate action and life on land, in March 2017, the Faculty of Languages and Translation has participated in the Environment day   with the State Ministry of Environment. The title of the day was “Towards a safe and sustainable environment”

Employability Fora

In line with SDG 8: good jobs and economic growth, in April 2017, the Faculty of  Financial and administration sciences and the  Faculty of Pharmacy  organized two employability fora for the benefit of their  students. Several national and private sector companies of concern participated and received CV documents from senior students from  that are about to graduate  of Pharos University

Scientific Visits

In  line with SDG4: quality education, in May 2017, the Faculty of Pharmacy organized a scientific trip for the senior students to  a private  pharmaceutical company “PHARCO “, to see the  laboratories of the company and the production lines.

In April 2017 the Faculty of Engineering organized a scientific trip to the mechanical workshops of EgyptAir to see the maintenance and technical repairs procedures