Welcome to the Community Service and Environmental Development Centre (CSED) in Pharos University in Alexandria. As being the Vice President of Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, I am entrusted with the task of activating the social role of Pharos University through opening channels of communication with the authorities in charge of addressing the Alexandrian society issues.

This is in addition to participating in settling the social and economic development issues on both local and regional levels. The CSED draws up annual plans for the activities to be done during the year, including conducting researches in field training, convening workshops for specialists and actively engaging in raising the environmental awareness among members of society. Among the CSED activities is organizing humanitarian aid and medical convoys that are targeted at the dwellers of slum areas, including widows and orphans as well as the students of public schools located in the neighbourhood of Pharos University. These school students are provided with free medical services by the PUA physical therapy and dentistry students. The CSED is also so keen to maintain contact with civil society organizations such as charities and orphanages in particular who are extended an invitation by Pharos University to participate in the grand celebration that is organized every year.

Prof. Ramadan Abu El-Ala

The Vice President of Community Service and Environment Development Affairs

The sector or the Council for (CSED) Community Service and Environmental Development activates the role of the University in solving the problems of the Alexandrian community and contributing to the economic and social development at the national level, in addition to:


  1. Providing technical consultancy to the entities and individuals.
  2. Designing projects and programs, and supervising their implementation in the various sectors of society.
  3. Applying field researches.
  4. Developing the skills and performance of individuals and specialists.
  5. Participation in increasing awareness and the dissemination of culture among the community members.
  6. Studying and proposing public policy for entities of special nature
  7. Studying and proposing public policy for the preparation and implementation of training programs
  8. Studying and proposing public policy for the organization of scientific conferences and symposiums
    1. Training courses and Workshops.
    2. Research and community projects.
    3. Various social activities.

Pharos University seeks excellence in the field of high education, post graduate studies and scientific research at the local, regional and international levels. Thus, contributing to community service  and achieving development at the local and regional levels.

The center aims to:

Cooperate with companies and institutions on projects in the area of social services and environmental development to ascertain the link between the university and society and this serves the Pharos University vision.
Supervise practical field research that serves society.
Launch a variety of activities in the area of social services and environmental development.
Develop training programs to meet the needs of the Industrial sector.
Provide technical assistance and consultations to establishments and individuals.

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