Step 1: Know the rules

Making sure that the students know all the information regulating the field training processes


Step 2: Training request

The student who obtained 40% in his program must apply for this program through his academic advisor and his training supervisor


Step 3: Forward the data

The training supervisor should send the names and choices of the students to the field training center (F.T.C)


Step 4: Approving

The names of the accepted students should be announced within two weeks of the deadline for accepting applications .

Step 5: Students qualifying

To be qualified the student should be enrolled in the orientation week program organized by the F.T.C .

Step 6: Preparing the letters

The field training center starts to prepare the letters to send it to the training location accompanied by official stamped form

Step 7: Start the training

Step 8:

Students are evaluated as follow:

  • 40 degrees for training destination (external training supervisor).
  • 30 degrees dedicated to the internal supervisor
  • 30 degrees for the final report and the presentation.

Step 9: Questionnaire

The student should fill out a questionnaire about his satisfaction within the field training period.