• Campus Facilities in Pharos University


Office of Admission and Registration (OAR):

The PUA Admissions and Registration Office performs its services by dint of highly comprehensive electronic software on which students’ confidential information, course registration data, and financial transactions are all stored and backed up.

  • Student Activities

Pharos University has always been giving due care to the various aspects of student activities. Thus,once enrolled, the students are asked to fill out a student activity form through which every student gets to select the kind of activity he/ she would like to practice during his/ her college years.

The student activities at PUA include:

  1. Cultural activities
  2. Scientific activities
  3. Art activities
  4. Sports activities
  5. Social activities and trip organizing

Moreover, Pharos University helps its students serve their community by giving them the chance to take part in different scientific associations and civil society organizations, highly supported by the university, not only through subsidizing, but also by allowing access to both the university student theatre (capacity up to 500 spectators), and its sports playgrounds for football, basketball, handball, and tennis.

  • Language Labs

The university gives its students the chance to learn several foreign languages such as: English, French, German, and Spanish by means of organizing periodical training courses at the specialized labs inside the Faculty of Language and Translation building. The faculty labs are all connected to the internet and equipped with numerous audiovisual educational materials.

campus facilities

    • Outpatient Dental Clinic

The university has established an outpatient clinic inside the Faculty of Dentistry building, which is highly equipped with the latest medical equipment, and is managed by a selection of the most efficient clinic professors assisted by a professional nursing staff in order to serve the community and the university’s students and staff members at discounted prices.

  • Outpatient Physiotherapy Clinic

Pharos University has established an outpatient clinic that is highly equipped with the latest medical equipment, and is run by a selection of the most efficient professors assisted by a professional nursing staff so as to serve the university’s students, staff members, and the whole community at discounted prices.

  • Material Testing Labs

The Faculty of Engineering at Pharos University has established a number of material testing labs equipped with the latest scientific equipment necessary for carrying out different engineering tests serving industrial and constructional purposes all provided at competitive prices, in addition to issuing certificates of conformity to the manufacturing method of imported mineral products.

  • Conference Hall

The university has established a grand and luxurious conference hall set apart for conferences and ceremonies with a capacity of 1000 guests.

Campus Facilities

Campus Facilities

  • Student Theater

The student theatre hall has been established to host different events and ceremonies and accommodates up to 500 guests.

  • Electronic Services

Pharos University works on providing excellent online services to its students through the official website of the University (beta.pua.edu.eg), wireless internet access, and students’ university E-mail.

  • Banking Services

A branch of the Commercial International Bank (CIB) is established on the university campus, in order to facilitate the payment of tuition fees and the completion of all banking transactions.

  • Copy Center

The university has established a copy center provided with all lecture notes for students from different faculties.

  • Food Court

The university’s Food Court provides various kinds of drinks and meals for students at acceptable prices.

campus facilities

  • Health Care

A student clinic provides first aid services as well as blood pressure and blood sugar level measurement, as well as transfer of intravenous fluids. The clinic also provides treatment with fever reducers and painkillers.

  • Animal House

Inside the university’s animal house, Sprague Dawley rats (laboratory rats) and different species of rabbits are kept in cages so as to be used in scientific experiments and cover the needs of both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

  • Lockers

Students can have their own lockers to store their personal belongings after registering and paying the specified fees.

  • Campus Security

University Security Department aims to provide a safe environment for its students and staff members. There are a multitude of campus security personnel working to ensure the regularity of life at the university in accordance with university regulations.

  • Parking Lot

The university has a spacious parking lot located near the campus, with a capacity of 1000 vehicles.

  • Accommodation and Transportation

The university plays the role of a mediator in the provision of means of transportation and accommodation for those who wish. Through the Office of Admissions and Registration, students get to contact agents responsible for such matters.

  • The Voice of Pharos Newspaper

The Faculty of Mass Communication at Pharos University issues its newspaper “Voice of Pharos” as a sort of training for the faculty students, so as to become experienced with journalism output editing and understand their community’s needs and issues.

  • Playgrounds

PUA gives special attention to sports activities and participates in the League of the Egyptian National Universities. PUA has extensive sport facilities including:

  1. One grass football field with official dimensions
  2. Two five-a-side football courts
  3. One handball court
  4. One basketball court
  5. One Volleyball court
  6. Four Tennis courts
  7. One Ping-Pong table

  • Students with Special Needs

PUA provides additional services and facilities where students with special needs are, in specific cases, allowed to reside in the university’s dorms (when available) for their entire study period at PUA.

Facilities for wheel-chair disabilities include:

  1. Ramp access to buildings.
  2. Wide door elevators.
  3. Flexible classroom designs.