Allied Medical Sciences Mission and VisionAllied Medical Sciences Mission and Vision


The Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences seeks to serve society by providing the knowledge needed for all that is related to human health, through educating and graduating efficient medical technology specialist.


  • graduate dynamic professional medical technology specialist, scientifically and practically distinctive, in order to improve the level of health services and to cover the medical needs of the labor market in Egypt and abroad, optimized to maintain the required health services quality.
  • Call into existence new scientific departments other than the currently available, according to the needs of the medical labor market.
  • Encourage scientific research and post graduate studies to keep pace with scientific progress.

Why study Applied Medical Sciences at Pharos university?

  • The Faculty of Applied Medical Science aims at training professional medical technology specialist qualified to practice in the various fields of modern medicine. The faculty aims to cover the needs of the Egyptian, Arab, and international medical labor market. Besides, the Faculty of Applied Medical Science encourages graduates to pursue graduate studies, whether master’s or doctoral degrees.
  • A one year internship training for the students of all departments.

The faculty is equipped with the following laboratories:

Biology Lab, Molecular Biology Lab, Biochemistry Lab, Anatomy Lab, Medical Equipmen,Lab, Optics Lab, Nursing, Anesthesia and Intensive Care Lab, Nutrition Lab, Radiology Lab,Ultrasound Lab, Prosthodontics Lab, General and Organic Chemistry Lab, Physics Lab.

Career Opportunities

  • Medical laboratories, hospitals, and medical research institutes and centers.
  • Medical and electronic equipment installation and maintenance centers.
  • Medical imaging in hospitals, and specialized professional radiology centers.
  • Intensive care units in different hospitals, and specialized medical centers.
  • Nutrition clinics, hotels, hospitals and health care centers.
  • Optical clinics and laboratories, as well as specialized centers in optical devices, lenses and laser treatment.
  • Dental laboratories and clinics, and dental therapeutic manufacturing centers.
  • The field of anesthesia in different hospitals and medical centers, inside operation rooms and intensive care units.