Strategic Objectives of the Quality Assurance Center – Pharos University in Alexandria:

1. Disseminate the culture of quality to achieve the vision and mission of the University and its objectives.

2. Enhancing the capacity building of the faculties to conduct self-evaluation according to the standards of the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation.

3. Follow-up mechanisms for the development of programs and bylaws of faculties of Pharos University .

4. Expanding the international accreditation of the University’s faculties and academic programs and enhancing its international reputation.

5. Raising the level of community satisfaction with the outputs of Pharos University education system as graduates, research and professional and community services in accordance with national, regional and international standards.

6. Achieving effective communication between the Center and the quality assurance units in faculties.

7. Developing the executive rules and regulations of the university, thus enhancing flexibility and transparency.

8. Strengthen capabilities at all levels/ groups in the university in the field of quality assurance systems and mechanisms.

9. Cooperation with quality assurance agencies and organizations at the national, regional and international levels.

10. Diagnosis of obstacles facing the development of performance at all levels and conduct analytical studies and propose proper solutions and plans for improvement in various areas.