PHY 222 – General Human Physiology 2

  • Professor: Dr Sobhy Al Kafafi
  • Professor Dr. Samah El Attar
  • Dr. Maged Taman

Course lecturer :

  • Dr. Yasmin Mohamed Elmokhtar
  • Dr. Ghadeer Al Nawawi

Course assistant :

Course Objectives This course provides a study program, which help the students to acquire new knowledge and skills essential for the study and the practice of dentistry. The course also aims to introduce the students to some desirable independent learning habits and attitude necessary to peruse farther training in the college of dentistry and thereafter in clinical practice. …After finishing this course the student will be able to:

  1. Describe in simple terms the Normal Function of the living organism in terms of its tissues, organs and systems individually and collectively.
  2. Describe and discuss the concept of “ Normal ” and indicate the acceptable ranges for the different functions and functional limits of various systems of the human body under variable physiological conditions.
  3. Describe the common factors that may maintain or change the normal functions within the normal range.
  4. Carryout simple experiments on human subjects, recording, graphing or tabulating this observations and results and reporting them accurately.
  5. Carryout simple tests on the functions of the human body, or his fluids that are generally practised in clinical laboratories.
  6. Indicate the application of the physiological principles and concepts in his future practice.
  7. Maintain a scientific attitude of mind and identify the use of experimental and laboratory procedures in estimating the state of body functions and their derangement both in health and disease….

Course objectives :

The course is devoted for study of 5 important functions of human body with applied medical problems that could result from the failure of the physiological homeostatic mechanisms to these systems.

  1. -Nerve and muscle
  2. Body temperature regulation
  3. Central nervous system
  4. Cardiovascular system
  5. Endocrine physiology

Course description :

  1. Written exams to assess knowledge, understanding, interpretation and analysis.
  2. Written objective exams to assess intellectual skills.
  3. Final exam for cumulative assessment for all ILOs Participation in practical sessions, weekly Assignments, weekly Quiz week 7th Mid-term examination week 8th Work book week 12th Final examination week 15th

Course assessment :

General Physiology 2

Recommended text books :

Essential text books: human physiology by Gyton and Hall 2014

Recommended refrences :