PDCD 522 – Pediatric Dentistry 2

Prof. Azza Hanno C 127
Dr. Moustafa Anwar Matar C 245
Dr. Sherif Darwish C227
Dr. Rehab Samir Room: C227
Dr. Yasmine Elhamouly Room: C207

Course lecturer :

Ass. Lecturer / Rabab El-Ghandour Room: C207
• Ass. Lecturer / Abeer Manhaly Room: C207
• Ass. Lecturer / Mohamed Bayoumi Room: C239
• Ass. Lecturer / Nayer Ahmed Room: C239
• Ass. Lecturer / Reham Hafez Room: C207
• Ass. Lecturer / Nehal Raid Room: C207
• Instructor/ Yasmin Gamal Room: C207
• Instructor/ Heba Gameel Room: C207

Course assistant :

After completing this course, students should be able to: • Detect the clinical and radiographic features of different developmental anomalies of teeth • Outline the general considerations in management of special needs and medically compromised child patients • Alter the treatment plan of individual child patient according to the medical condition and mental status • Conduct an effective assessment of different oral habits causes and ite mangament • Evaluate the extent of traumatic injuries in primary and permanent dentition • Consider different treatment options of traumatic injuries • Assess the importance of space management • Measure the effect of premature loss of primary teeth on the dentition • Consider the factors affecting planning for a space maintainer • Outline the different problems in mixed dentition • Know the different forcepses and the different movements used for extracting primary molars • Identify the effects, diagnostic methods, and management techniques for common syndromes of dental anomalies & post care extraction. • Classify different types of space maintainers • Outline the causes and treatment of anterior and posteriorcrossbit • Plan different treatment modalities for special needs and medically compromised children • Explain types, etiology, diagnosis & managment oral habits • Detect different dental anomalies in children.

Course objectives :

This course is considered a continuation of the fundamentals of clinical pediatric dentistry. It starts with teaching the students how to design a contingent treatment plan for a child dental patient, and while the students continue practicing simple restorative, and preventive dental procedures during the practical sessions of the course, the didactic part covers different areas of pediatric dental treatment such as, interceptive orthodontics, developmental anomalies, traumatic injuries, and their treatment protocol. It also includes management of children with special health care needs, medically compromised children as well as management of medical emergencies. The course also gives a basic idea about crossbite in children.

Course description :

20 Written Quiz 1 80 Written Mid term 60 6 cases X 8 Requirements 6 assistance X 2 20 Assignment 20 Quiz 2 100 Final written exam 40 Final oral exam 60 Final clinical evaluation 400 Total

Course assessment :

• McDonald RE, Avery DR. Dentistry for the Child and Adolescent. 10th ed. Mosby Co., 2010. ISBN. 0323057241 • Pinkham JR, Casamassimo PS, Fields HW, Dennis J. Pediatric Dentistry: Infancy Through Adolescence (4th Edition) St. Louis, Missouri: Elsevier Saunders, 2005. • Mathewson RJ, Primosch RE. Fundamentals of Pediatric Dentistry.3rd ed.1995. Quintessence Pub Co ISBN: 0867152621

Recommended text books :

Pinkham JR, Casamassimo PS, Fields HW, Dennis J. Pediatric Dentistry: Infancy Through Adolescence (4th Edition) St. Louis, Missouri: Elsevier Saunders, 2005.

Recommended refrences :