OR 411 – Orthodontics 1

Prof.Dr. Hanan Ismael
Dr. Khaled abo elAzm
Dr. Hany elsawafeery
Dr. Mohamed ali shlieb

Course lecturer :

Sherif hamed
Yomna Hassouna
Yomna Atef

Course assistant :

introduction to the basics of orthodontics discussing growth, development of occlusion and etiology of malocclusion

Course objectives :

the course include orthodontic wire bending procedures, evaluation of growth and development of dentition

Course description :

participation 60 marks mid-term 40 marks final practical exam 30 marks final written exam 70 marks

Course assessment :

proffit [contemporary in Orthodontics (4th edition)]

Recommended text books :

samir bishara [textbook of orthodontics] laura mitchell [introduction to orthodontics]

Recommended refrences :