PE 369 – Chemical Plant Design II

Assoc.Prof.Rania Farouq

Course lecturer :

Eng.Fathy Shokry

Course assistant :

To enable students to: i) Introduce the structure of chemical process systems ii) Present the methods for determining capital and operating cost for industrial plants iii) Familiarize the students with evaluation of process alternatives iv) Provide the students with Equipment and materials selection v) Supply the students with the principles of safety and environmental protection

Course objectives :

This course introduces the students to structure of chemical process systems and systematic methods for capital and operating cost calculations, Economic factors in design, economic balances, capital and operating cost estimation techniques, assessment of alternative investments and replacements, and application of compound interest calculations It also covers Simple optimization theory, Evaluation of process alternatives, Equipment and materials selection, and Factors such as energy, safety, hygiene, and environmental protection.

Course description :

1 Evaluation Methods i) Evaluation of class work from 1st week up to 7th week (20%) & from 9th week up to 12th week (20%) including:  Assignment and Reports and Quizzes: 30%.  Written exam at 9th Week: 20%. ii) Final examination: 50%. 2 Assessment Instruments i) Written exams. ii) Semester work:  Assignment problems solution.  Project case study

Course assessment :

Max Peter, ”Plant Design and economics For Chemical Engineers,\” 5th Edition, McGraw Hill, 2002.

Recommended text books :

R Keith Mobley; “Plant Engineering Handbook”, 2nd Edition, McGraw Hill, 1994.

Recommended refrences :