PE 362 - Petroleum Refining & Evaluation of its Products

Prof.Mohamed Fahim

Course lecturer :

  • Eng.Mohamed Hawari
  • Eng.Dina Sobhy
  • Eng.Radwa Zarra

Course assistant :

To enable students to:

  1. Introduce modern petroleum refinery.
  2. Present the common refinery fuels processes.
  3. Show the students refining of crude oils into the fuels specification products that the markets demand.
  4. Introduce the physical properties of Crude and petroleum products according to standard codes.
  5. Familiarize the students with the preparation of crude for refining operations.
  6. Provide the students with atmospheric and vacuumed distillation operation.

Course objectives :

  • – Explain the origin of Crude and physical properties of petroleum products.
  • – Explain crude processing for refining operations (atmospheric and vacuum distillation).
  • – Identify different methods of cracking to Upgrade petroleum products (thermal cracking, catalytic cracking, and hydro cracking).
  • – Explain different methods to improve petroleum products (plat and catalytic reforming )
  • – Explain different Treatment methods of petroleum products(acid, alkali, dewaxing)
  • – Examine the origin of petroleum crude.
  • – Determine the factors that affect the quality of petroleum products.
  • – Determine the factors affecting upgrading of petroleum crude by different operations.
  • – Apply the operation systems of distillation towers.
  • – Classify different processes used in petroleum treatment.
  • – Differentiate between different treatments methods of petroleum crude and fractions.
  • – Analyze Petroleum components and products.
  • – Differentiate between petroleum processing methods .
  • – Select the important factors that affect the evaluation of petroleum crude.

Course description :

(Attendance + Reports+ Quizzes)——–20% Mid term exam (9th week)——————-20 % Final lab exam————————————–10% Final written exam ——————————-50%

Course assessment :

Fahim el al, Fundamentals of petroleum refining,elsevier,2010

Recommended text books :

Gary J.H and Handwerk G.E., Petroleum Refining Technology & economics,4th edition,Marcel Dekker Inc. N.Y. ,(2001)

Recommended refrences :