PE 320/EP 320 – Automatic control

Associate Prof. Marwa Abdelfattah

Course lecturer :

Eng.Karim Yossef

Course assistant :

To enable students to: • Introduce theoretical bases of automatic control analysis • Present design of chemical Process control systems • Provide students with control aspects of chemical process • Familiarize students with process and computer application in chemical process control

Course objectives :

Theoretical bases of automatic control analysis and design of chemical Process control systems, control aspects of chemical Process, Linear open- loop systems linear closed –loop systems frequency response process application , and computer in Process control.

Course description :

Drop quizzes &Assignment 15%. Report &presentation for automatic control room At Alexfert Company (twice/term) 15% Midterm Written exam (at 8th Week) 20% Final exam 50%

Course assessment :

• Donald R. Coughanowr ,Process systems analysis & control, Mc Graw-Hill .2010

Recommended text books :

Dale E. Seborg, Thomas F. Edgar, Process dynamic and control, Second Edition,2004.

Recommended refrences :