HU 162!! - Human Computer Interaction

Dr. Amr El Saadany

Course lecturer :

Eng. Sahar Magdy

Course assistant :

Know about the main issues involved in the process of interaction between humans and computers, the effects from the different users’ perspectives, the result on system usability, and applying different interaction methodologies.

Course objectives :

The course provides theoretical foundations in addition to practicing with relevant development tools.

Course description :

Midterm Exam: 20 Marks Semester Work: Assignments, Quizzes, Mini Projects: 30 Marks Final Exam: 50 Marks

Course assessment :

• J. Dix, G. Finlay, R. Abowd, and R. Beale, “Human-Computr Interaction”, Third edition, Prentice Hall.

Recommended text books :

• D. Te\’eni, Jane M. Carey, and P. Zhang, \”Human-Computer Interaction: Developing Effective Organizational Information Systems\” 1 st edition, 2006 H. Sharp, Y. Rogers, and J. Preece, \”Interaction Design: beyond human-computer interaction\”, 2 edition, 2007.

Recommended refrences :