ES252 – Theory of Structures

Dr. Essam Fouad

Course lecturer :

Eng. Ahmed Hamouda

Course assistant :

· Know the different types of structural supports.
· Understand the different types of structural systems.
· Apply the different types of loads.
· Determine the stability and determinacy of structures.
· Determine internal forces at different sections of structure.

Course objectives :

The course introduces an overview of Types of structures and supports. Types of loads. Condition of static stability calculations of reactions. Definition of internal forces (normal force, shear forces, bending moments and twisting moments). internal forces in the horizontal beams (cantilevers, simple beams, overhanging beams, Compound beams), Frames and Trusses.

Course description :

Mid-term exams 20 % Final term exam 50 % Assignments 5 % Quizzes 10 % Reports 5 % Project 10 % Total 100 %

Course assessment :

• El-Dakkakhni, “Theory of Structures, Dar Al-Maaref, Cairo, 2000.

Recommended text books :

• W. F. Chen and E. M. Lui, \\\”Handbook of Structural Engineering,\\\” 2nd Ed, CRC Press, 2005.

Recommended refrences :