ES202!!/CM202 – Concrete Materials

Dr. Wegdan Wagdy

Course lecturer :

nada hossam moghazy abdelalim el wakel

Course assistant :

• Introduce concrete as a material, its ingredients and concrete Production Process.
• Identify the properties of cement and aggregate.
• Determine the influence of concrete constituents on its properties.
• Determine how to design a Mix.
• Examine and identify the properties of fresh concrete.
• Analyze the properties of hardened concrete.
• Analyze how mixture design and materials selection can both promote and prevent long-term durability

Course objectives :

• Introduction
• Properties of aggregate
• Properties of cement
• Admixtures
• Mix design
• Properties of fresh concrete
• Properties of hardened concrete
• Concrete durability

Course description :

• List the aggregate, cement and admixtures properties.
• Identify the basic fresh concrete properties.
• Identify the basic hardened concrete properties.
• Describe the concrete durability problems.
• Explain the parameters included in concrete mix design.
• Explain the properties of concrete at early ages.

Course assessment :

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