EP213 – Organic Chemistrty II

Prof.DR.Ehssan Nassef

Course lecturer :

Eng.Doaa Elsayed
Eng.Karim Nabat

Course assistant :

At the end of this course the students will be well known of the following:

  • Classification and nomenclature of aromatic compounds.
  • Physical and chemical properties of benzene.
  • Sulfonation of benzene ring and other derivatives of benzene.
  • Nitration of benzene and other derivative of aromatic compounds.
  • General mechanism for electrophilic aromatic substitution.
  • General mechanism for neucluphilic aromatic substitution.
  • Halogenation reaction for benzene and aromatic compounds.
  • Oxidation ,reduction of aromatic compounds.
  • Friedel –Crafts Alkylation of Benzene,Friedel –Crafts Acylation of Benzene.
  • Polymerization reactions.
  • Hydrolysis of aromatic compounds.
  • Acylation &Alkylationof aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • Aniline,Azodye,Amides.

Course objectives :

A continuation of organic chemistry reaction mechanism and synthesis pathway sulphonations, nitration, oxidations, polymerization…..etc. Specific classes of compounds derivatives.

Course description :

Assessment (1) . Laboratory Manual Weekly during the semester 5% Assessment (2) . Mid tem exam Week 8 20% Assessment (3) Work sheets & presentations. According to schedule 10% Assessment (4) four quizzes weeks 4,7,11,14 5% Assessment (5) Final Laboratory Exam Week 15 10%

Course assessment :

“Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry “ ,Six Edition ,Joun McMurry and Eric Simanek,2017.

Recommended text books :

“Organic Chemistry ,Fifth Edition,Paula Yurkanis Bruice,2015.

Recommended refrences :