EP/PE 336 - Polymer Eng.II

Prof.Dr.Ehssan Nassef

Course lecturer :

  • Eng.Doaa
  • Eng.Dina

Course assistant :

Describe the rheology of polymers. a2 Identify principles of mechanical properties of polymers.. a3. Define injection molding a4. Describe Tensile Stress-strain Analysis. a5Describe fiber spinning ,film blowing and polymer formulation. a6 Describe polymer additives. a7 Describe differences in processing strategies of different polymers as related their possibility to carry out polymer processing.(polymer recycling) .

Course objectives :

This course introduces the students to an introduction to polymer processing focusing on extrusion ,injection,molding,fiber spinning,film blowing,polymer formulation and additives.

Course description :

Assessment (1) 4 Quizzes during the semester. 5% Assessment (2) Mid term exam. 20% Assessment (3 self learning and Presentations.10% Assessment (4) Lab manual 5% Assessment (5) Lab Exam 10% Assessment (6) Final written Exam 50%

Course assessment :

  • Dostson, N.A., Polymerization Process Modelling,6 th VCH Publishers, Inc., 2017.

Recommended text books :

  • D.H.Morton-Jones:polymer processing,Chapman anh Hall 9th edition,2016.

Recommended refrences :