EM215/ME215 – Mechanical design 2

Prof. Alaa Hamdy

Course lecturer :

Eng. Omar Sami

Course assistant :

Facilitate overall course development by encouraging goal-directed planning Inform students of the standards and expectations of the course Provide information for the development of assessments by identifying the types of evidence that students need to produce to demonstrate understanding Clarify the intent of instruction and guide the formation of instructional activities (textbook selection, teaching resources, instructional methods, etc.) Provide a framework for evaluating student understanding and progress

Course objectives :

Ropes, Belts and chain drives -Gear drives -Clutches and brakes -Sliding (journal) bearings -Anti-friction (rolling elements) bearings

Course description :

20 Marks (midterm) 10 Marks (quiz) 10 Marks (mini project) 10 Marks(Experimental and Practical Reports)

Course assessment :


Recommended text books :

Mechanical Engineering Design by J. E. Shigley Machine Design by E. M. Badawy Machine Design by V. L. Maleev & J. B. Hartman Design of Machine Elements by V. M. Faires Design of Machine Elements by M. F. Spotts Machine Design Theory & Practice by A. D. Deutshmen and others

Recommended refrences :