EM 253 – Fluid mechanics 2

Dr. Nourhan Ghoneim

Course lecturer :

  • Eng. Mahmoud Amin

Course assistant :

This course is designed to enable students to identify the boundary layer concepts, describe how boundary layer concepts affect lift and drag and understand how to deal with final flow problems using a 3D conservation laws.

Course objectives :

Elementary hydrodynamics, three-dimensional continuity equation, navier stokes equations and applications, Boundary Layer Theory and applications, introduction to turbulent flow.

Course description :

Drop Quizzes Assignments and Reports Mini Project Mid Term Written Exam Final Written Exam

Course assessment :

Frank M. White, “Fluid Mechanics”, McGraw Hill, 7th Edition, 2011.

Recommended text books :

• R.W. Fox, A.T. McDonalds, and P. J. Pritchard, John Wiley & Sons, “Introduction to Fluid Mechanics”, 8th Edition, 2011.

Recommended refrences :