EM 240 - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Dr. Mohamed El-Helw

Course lecturer :

  • Eng. Amr Mamouh

Course assistant :

1. .Introduce the student to the need of refrigeration in different applications.

2. Explain the reversed Carnot cycle and the vapor compression cycle (VCC).

3. Explain the main components and the losses encountered in actual cycles.

4. Multi-stage compressors and evaporators, flash tanks, and expansion valves.

5. Refrigeration cooling load calculation.

6. Psychometric chart and moist air processes.

7. Introduction to air conditioning cycles and load calculations.

Course objectives :

The relation between air conditioning and refrigeration systems and the reason for using each. Brief description of different methods of refrigeration. Introduction to refrigeration cycles. Simple vapor compression cycle (VCC). Modification of simple VCC. Multi-evaporators and multi-pressure compression cycles. Cooling load calculations. Psychometric chart, moist air, and air conditioning cycles. Introduction to cooling load calculations.

Course description :

Term Grade Class works 30% Mid-Term Exam 20% Final Exam 50%

Course assessment :

  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, W.F. Stoecker and J.W. Jones, McGraw Hill, 1982.

Recommended text books :

  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. C.P.Arora 2015

Recommended refrences :