EE276/EE276!! – High Voltage Engineering(1)

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Gammal

Course lecturer :

Eng.Moaz Sardina

Course assistant :

The course aims at teaching high voltage engineering technology in power systems. It also aims at teaching methods of measurement and testing of high voltage equipment in power systems .

Course objectives :

1-Conduction and Breakdown in Gas Dielectrics 2-Conduction and Breakdown in liquid Dielectrics 3-Conduction and Breakdown in Solid Dielectrics 4-traveling Voltage & Current Surges on HV Transmission 5-Transient Voltage & Current Surges in HV Grids 6-Physics of Lightning 7-OHTL Protection against Lightning 8-Overvoltage Protection and Insulation Co-ordination in Power Systems 9-Power System Grounding 10-High Voltage Generators for Testing in HV Laboratory. 11-Measurement of High Voltages in HV Laboratory. 12-High Voltage Testing of Electrical Apparatus.

Course description :

Class Works including drop quizzes, solving assignment problems, reports & presentations. 25 Practical Works 10 Mid-term Written Exam 15 Final Written Exam 50

Course assessment :

E. Kuffel, W.S. Zaengl, J. Kuffel, High Voltage Engineering Fundamental, 2nd Ed, 2000.

Recommended text books :

1- M. S. Naidu and V. Kamaraju “High voltage Engineering,” 2nd Ed , McGraw Hill, USA, 1995. 2- Hugh M. Ryan “High voltage Engineering and Testing,” 2nd Ed, IEEE, London, 2001. 3- Gorur G. Raju, \”Dielectrics in Electric Fields,\” Marcel Dekker, Inc, New York, 2003. 4- Mazen Abdel-Salam, Hussein Anis; Roshdy Radwan; Ahdab El Morshedy, \”High-Voltage Engineering: Theory and Practice,\” 2nd Ed, Marcel Dekker Inc, 2000

Recommended refrences :