EE 354 – Mobile Communication Systems

  • Dr. Shawki Shaaban

Course lecturer :

  • Eng. Hanan El-Gammal

Course assistant :

To enable students to be familiar with the principles and techniques of different modern mobile communication systems, and to analyze and design some of these mobile communication systems.

Course objectives :

  1. Introduction.
  2. Comparison between 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS) & 4G (LTE) mobile systems.
  3. Parameters affecting data rate in mobile & wireless communication.
  4. Adaptive Modulation & Coding (AMC) for mobile communication.
  5. Complete 2G system design.
  6. Comparison between different 2G systems.
  7. 3G based on CDMA technique.
  8. Spread spectrum techniques & codes.
  9. mobile phones health hazards, risks and dangers.
  10. Multiplexing techniques in Public Switching Telephony System (PSTN): TDM & FDM.

Course description :

Class Works including Solving Assignment Problems, Reports & Presentations and IT applications: 10%. Drop Quizzes: 10%. Practical works and mini-projects: 10%. Mid-term written exam: 20%. Final written exam: 50%.

Course assessment :

Dr Shawki Shaaban, Lecture notes and examples on Communication Systems, Alexandria, 2016 + Exercise Book.

Recommended text books :

Simon Haykin, Michael Mohr, Communication Systems, 5th edition, Wiley, 2013.

Recommended refrences :