EE 213/EE 213!! – Introduction to Electronic Circuits

Dr.Samy Darwish

Course lecturer :

Eng.Eman Abou-Elkhair Hussien

Course assistant :

To enable students to: Mastery of component level models of bipolar and field effect transistors, Ability to design differential and multi-stage transistor amplifier circuits and skills for non-ideal op-amp circuits.

Course objectives :

Basic semiconductor theory / PN Junction Theory Semiconductor diode characteristics /Equivalent diode circuits Various types of special purpose semiconductor diodes /Semiconductor diode applications Half Wave/ Full Wave Rectifiers

Course description :

Drop quiz Solving assignment problem Reports & presentations Practical works / Community Projects Midterm written exam final written exam Bipolar Junction transistor (BJT) Theory and Construction

Course assessment :

T. Floyd, “Electronic Fundamentals: Circuits, Devices, and Applications”, 7th Ed., Printice Hall, 2007. Avaliable at P.U.A. Library

Recommended text books :

B. Streetman, “Solid State Electronic Devices”, 5th Ed., Prentice Hall, 2000.

Recommended refrences :